Knights Of Columbus - Council #4160

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Council

Chaplain's Report - October 2017

At the Supreme Convention back in August, Archbishop Lori, the Supreme Chaplain of the K of C addressed the participants of that gathering on the example of Venerable Father Michael McGivney and the example he gives us of what it means to be a “Missionary Disciple.” Pope Francis has called on Christians to be not just followers of Jesus (disciples) but missionary disciples – those who not only have met Jesus but desire to go out and share Him with the world. Archbishop Lori said this about Fr. McGivney:

“Attractive as he was to the people of his parish and the wider community, Fr. McGivney set about empowering men of his parish to become what we call today ‘missionary disciples.’ He wanted the member of the Knights of Columbus to be strong in their faith – followers of Jesus convinced of the power of God’s love – and to reflect that life-changing love in their own families, in their parishes and especially with those who were in need.”

Archbishop Lori went on to explain that this faithfulness not only leads us to a deeper faith personally but also inspires other men, young and old alike, in our parishes to a deeper faith, hope and charity as well as drawing them towards making the commitment as Knights themselves; joining the order themselves.

One way we may start to integrate a more spiritual understanding of our works as Knights and determine whether or not we are being fruitful missionary disciples is to reflect upon what it is we do or propose to do. Asking questions like the following:

  • In what ways did God call me to serve others today?
  • What sacrifices help me participate in this charity?
  • With whom and for whom am I doing this activity?
  • How do I see Christ in those I serve?
  • How do I see Christ in those who volunteer with me?
  • How do I share my faith with others in action and word?
  • How do other evangelize me through charity?
  • How do I surrender my will so God can use me in his plan?
  • How do I build my domestic church (my family) and help create a vibrant parish?
  • How do I follow the example of Venerable Michael J. McGivney?
  • How do I follow the example of the patrons of the Order and/or my council?

Asking these questions and others like them provide a sort of examination that spurs conversations with God and consequently prayer, the source of our strength and connection with Christ without whom we can do nothing.

Coming Up:


  • Month of the Holy Rosary
  • Order-wide Charitable Service Week (Saturday, 9/30 to Monday, 10/8)
  • 100th Anniversary of the final Marian Apparition at Fatima (Friday, 10/13/2017)
  • Memorial of St. John Paul II (Sunday, 10/22/2017)


  • Solemnity of All Saints (Wednesday, November 1, 2017) – Holy Day of Obligation
  • Commemoration of All Souls (Thursday, November 2, 2017) – Great opportunity to pray for deceased loved ones, and esp. brother knights
  • Visit a Cemetery – Plenary Indulgence under normal conditions

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